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-To Download the Banner Order Form select the Order Form Image to print a PDF form out.

-To Use an Image taken last year of your student select the Blue button above to go to our gallery of all images taken last year of the Spring Sports Teams.  Find your student and Record the "Image Number  ie. IMG_1234" on the Order Form.

-If you would like to use a photo that you own. E-mail the image to us at:



Be sure the image is a Hi Resolution file "High Quality".  Also be sure to provide us with your name, student's name, and your phone number in case we need to contact you.

-Orders must be received by Monday April 27th

20 Banner Order Form Spring Sports.jpg

                               To ORDER

!)  Print Out and Complete the Order Form Above.

2) If you are using an image taken by Calais from last year record the Image Number you would like to use of you student from the Gallery of photos (Blue Button).


3) If you would like to use a different Image "Owned by you" send the image to us via email:

IMPORTANT: You must "Attach" the image to your email.  Do Not just embed the image into the email it will be turned into a low res image and will be unusable in that format.

4) Either mail your order form and payment to Calais or Call us to take you order via phone.  For your security, Credit Cards can only be taken over the phone:    330-263-6290 


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